Idea Generation Techniques

03 May 2019 | Research & Business Knowledge

Recruitment company Cleverism has recently written an extremely interesting blog entitled ’18 best idea generation techniques’.

The blog which outlines the three stages of ideation, and then goes on to look at 18 idea generation techniques that can be used in workshops to inspire and challenge and that are engaging and fun to do.

Cleversm says ‘Ideas are things that come and go and fairly frequently too.  However, the really great ideas usually spring unexpectedly in moments of inspiration.  It becomes easier to come up with great ideas when we free ourselves from the mundane, everyday, conventional thoughts that take up the thought space in our brain’.

The three stages of ideation are;

  • Generation – creating a pool of ideas to address a specific problem or requirement
  • Selection – picking the best ideas
  • Implementation – take action based on the top ideas

The article then goes on to outline 18 different idea generation techniques – some of which are familiar (brainstorming, mindmapping, role playing) and some of which are less familiar (SCAMPER, synectics, morphological analysis, reverse thinking).

Useful ideas here for both enabling technques within groups, but also for client workshops and co-creation sessions.

Read the full blog here.