Inaugural ICG Webinar

26 Sep 2011 | Webinars

On 26th September 2011, Clare Wade convened the ICG’s inaugural Webinar. The event was fully booked quickly, and the subsequent feedback on the content very positive. We hope this will be the first of many ICG Webinars.

Robert Marcus, Founder and Principal of niche Commercial and IT law firm Technology Law Solutions, and formerly in house counsel with IBM, was our Speaker for this session. Two issues were under discussion:

1. Confidentiality – how much can a researcher disclose?

Robert took us through the legal aspects of non-disclosure including defining what is confidential information, an explanation of data protection laws, issues around use restriction and how this affects our use of client data (for example to what extent you can use information that is ‘owned’ by the client to promote yourself or your experience).

2.. Negotiation – how to tip the balance in your favour.

How to get in there first with your terms, how to hold firm, how to document changes and, in respect of the confidentiality issue, how to negotiate the right to publicise.