Insight 2017 – The ICG rocks!!!

13 Mar 2017 | ICG News & Announcements

Insight 2017 – The ICG rocks!!!

Many thanks to Jill Elson who not only volunteered to man the stand, but also supplied us with her review on the day at Insight.

Once again the ICG made its way to Olympia for the annual Insight Show. With a prominent position right next to the main stage, smart new banners and several bottles of wine on hand to entice passers-by – we were ready to tell anyone who would listen about the wonders of the ICG.

Trade was brisk throughout the day and Lucie, supported by various ICG members, did a sterling job of promoting the ICG to potential new members, advertisers and anyone who might be thinking of using the services of an independent researcher. There was a lot of interest, and we hope to see several new members joining us on the e-group over the next couple of weeks as a result of the day’s efforts.  We also had a lot of visits from potential clients eager to understand what the ICG could offer, as well as suppliers keen to see how our new website could showcase their services to members.

The stand was also visited by a number of ICG members throughout the day, and it was a welcome opportunity to put faces to some familiar names and have the chance to talk in person for once.

As the exhibition closed at 5.30, we toasted the ICG with a glass of Teresa Hadfield’s birthday champagne (celebrating a birthday at Insight surely goes above and beyond the call of duty?) and then around 15 ICG members made their way to the Hand and Flower for food, more drink and conversation. Members came from as far afield as Copenhagen and Frankfurt, so it was a welcome opportunity to reinforce existing relationships and create some new ones.

All in all, I think we can consider the day a success – but the aching feet (and slightly fuzzy head!) mean I can probably wait a year until we do it again!