IR35 : Concerned about your status? What are the solutions? RECORDING

07 Jan 2021 | Research & Business Knowledge

This webinar was generously sponsored by Talkback Studio, Nottingham

Following on from the success of her last webinar to us, Liz Norman of Elizabeth Norman International (ENI), and Tina Holt of JT HR Solutions, took us through the latest developments in IR35 regulation and outlined what this means for us as small businesses.

About IR35

IR35 legislation already exists within the public sector.  The government intended it to include the private sector from April 2020 but postponed it because of the pandemic; it’s now scheduled for April the 6th 2021.

Liz Norman ENI, and Tina Holt JT HR Solutions, will talk about what the legislation covers, the changes to the contract market that will result and possible solutions for individual contractors.

As the legislation still isn’t statute there is a very small possibility of further delay, however most think it’s inevitable.  The cost to the government of delaying is £1.9 billion a year.  So now is the time to think what this means for you and the best way to approach working as a contractor moving forward.


Liz Norman – ENI

Liz had a short career as a ‘market researcher’, in truth more of a market analyst – there was confusion with job titles even then!  Working first for IBM, part of a small market research team, looking at whether IBM should go into the PC market and then for Media Audits (then a competitor of Ebiquity) conducting campaign analysis.

Liz then joined a small marketing recruitment firm, setting up their market research division, before setting up ENI specialising in recruitment across the insight industry in 1989.

Working across a wide variety of clients, including large manufacturers, advertising and media agencies and a variety of research agencies, ENI eventually branched out into international markets with offices in Asia and Australia.

Today ENI’s recruitment is 80% permanent, but the 20% contract and temp market is growing steadily with our longest established contractor working for us continuously now for five years.  ENI’s continues to work across a range of clients and countries.  We currently have contractors working for Samsung, PepsiCo, Kantar, Relish, Hall and Partners, and 2cv.

A member of APSCO the professional body representing the recruitment industry, Liz has taken their legal advice as well as the advice of individual lawyers on IR35 and its implications.

Tina Holt – JT HR Solutions

Tina Holt of JT HR Solutions Limited is an HR Expert who for 20+ years worked within two major global oil and gas/technical engineering recruitment businesses as a Global HR Director.  In 2018 Tina established JT HR Solutions to bring the HR knowledge and expertise gained in a global recruitment business into the SME market.  JT HR Solutions work predominantly within the recruitment sector, supporting SME’s who require HR support and guidance with their people strategy as well as their people related issues.

If you have any further questions, please contact Liz and Tina directly.