Jane Frost on the new MRS CPD programme

11 Mar 2014 | Research & Business Knowledge

Quality, standards, professionalism: all words we use to try and differentiate ourselves. But how do we prove these concepts? Some professions have mandatory qualifications, some skills, like advertising, are publicly demonstrable. The research profession has a harder time of it.

A part of what makes the UK a world leader in the research sector is the global dominance it has, via MRS, in qualifications and training.

As the world changes fast, research practitioners need to demonstrate that they are keeping up with developments. Like Fairdata this is all part of ensuring continued relevance. In April, to support a new, simpler, membership structure, MRS launches a Continuous Professional Development (CPD)scheme.

The scheme enables MRS members to show others that they are professional, highly skilled and compliant. Through this new online tool individuals can define their personal development needs, plan their activities and report their progress.

Many in the ICG, as well as on the client side, have asked for such a service in the past.

Jane Frost, CEO of the MRS introduces the new MRS CPD programme, of which ICG webinars and some events will form a part. She also describes the new MRS membership structure, which aims to be simpler to access and to understand.

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