Let’s get social

06 Nov 2014 | Webinars

One of the most significant new methods to emerge in the new world of market research is the use of online communities for research. If you’re interested in understanding more about what they are, how they work and how you might use them, then tune in to this webinar on the subject.

The session is run by a new ICGer, Tom Woodnutt of Feeling Mutual. Tom is a ‘Conversations Strategist’ who is an expert in using digital methods for insight. He designed and co-ran the AQR ‘Digital Deep Dive’ course on digital qual and consults for many leading agencies (from Acacia Avenue to The Nursery and Verve)

The purpose of the webinar is help you tell the difference between online communities and online qual; understand when to use them (as well as when not to); know which partners to consider and critically how to design and set up online community research projects. The session covers practical tips on best practice, a review of some case studies as well as the bigger picture principles and philosophical underpinnings of this relatively new approach.

His aim is to show how classical researchers’ ‘traditional’ expertise is hugely applicable to new, progressive techniques. While also highlighting how these new ways of working require a slightly different mindset and attitude to the role of research.