Life by PowerPoint – A Masterclass

07 Dec 2016 | Webinars

This webinar was kindly sponsored by Datapogo – Fast, affordable, accurate survey reporting

PowerPoint is the mainstay presentation tool for business, it's been around forever and continuing upgrades have meant that the latest version – 2016 – can do almost anything you can imagine to add life, energy and class to your work.

But….have you kept up with PowerPoint or do your presentations look the same as they did 20 years ago? Has the topic of ‘Infographics’ passed you by? This webinar is a Masterclass designed to bring your PowerPoint skills up to date so that your presentations come to life and allow you to share your research results in a more positive and engaging way.

Here are just some of the things covered in the webinar:

  • Images – Inserting and Formatting
  • Shapes – Tips for Drawing
  • SmartArt Diagrams – Create Organisational Charts, Venn Diagrams, Flow charts etc. Format and Animate
  • Convert Bullets to SmartArt
  • Charts – Create, Format and Animate
  • Screenshots and Screen Recording
  • Video – Trim and Set Bookmarks
  • Understanding Slide Layouts
  • Masters and Headers and footers – Setting the Design of the Presentation and Adding Logos

The webinar was delivered by Rachel Crew who has been delivering Microsoft Office courses to a range of clients from small business to global organisations for over 20 years. She was originally trained at Microsoft UK where she achieved the Microsoft Certified Trainer certification and more recently has been accredited with Certified Online Learning Facilitator from the Learning and Performance Institute. Rachel's delivery aims to remove all the unnecessary jargon and focus on fun learning.