Longitudinal Study of Young People – report published

05 Oct 2016 | ICG News & Announcements

Longitudinal Study of Young People – report published

The DoE launched the second version of its Longitudinal Study of Young People in England at the beginning of 2013.  The study, which the second in the series of longitudinal work (the first was conducted between 2004-2010), is designed to follow young people from the age of 13/14 for the next five years until they are 19/20.  

It will explore their final years of compulsory education, follow their transition into further education/ employment, collect information about their career paths and provide benchmark data about the lives and experiences fo young people.  Based on 13,000 households and 30,000 individuals, this is a significant study covering a breadth of topics, utilising multiple data sources and conducted over the long term.

To read the first published report for this study, click here.