Make a positive difference to you and your business

14 Sep 2016 | Webinars

This webinar was kindly sponsored by Focus Groups MENA, helping you recruit the right people across the Middle East and North Africa.

Would you like to understand and overcome your resistances? Resistance to making a plan, sticking to a plan, making those calls, ‘networking’, keeping your focus, doing the ‘boring’ stuff.

Most of us know what we have to do and even how to do it and yet we still resist. We sometimes feel disappointed that we wasted the day and got distracted. We feel frustrated when we avoid doing the things we know are important.

The premise of this webinar is that we have to work on our confidence, courage and compassion in order to give us the foundations onto which we can overcome our resistances and further build our businesses. You will consider how you move and feel as well as what you think.

You will leave with more confidence and some take away practices to help you tackle those challenging obstacles.

The webinar was presented by Anna Coen, who specialises in helping professional and technical leaders broaden their horizons, deepen their relationships and develop their leadership capability and confidence. Prior to founding her company, AC Integration, Anna held senior posts in the professional services sector – both as a professional herself, and developing professional leaders.