Making video your core method for qualitative research – not just an add on

25 Aug 2017 | Webinars

This webinar was kindly sponsored by Reflections Manchester Viewing Facility, offering two large, flexible, bright and creative studios in South Manchester.

In this webinar, we aimed to show how you can use video to innovate the way you do research and bring the consumer to life for your clients. We also showed you how to apply the appropriate technology to spot new data points and analyse human behaviour and motivations in a way which hasn’t been possible before.

Using video can make your research more robust, you can explore real versus reported behaviours and we will show you how to analyse your video horizontally – changing the way you watch video (really!). We’ll discuss what the tech enables you to do and the opportunities it creates. We want you to go away enthused about the possibilities video will bring to your research!

This webinar was presented by Richard Collins, Big Sofa's Chief Customer Officer. Richard has spent the last 25 years working at technology providers within the market research industry. Richard’s experience includes senior roles at IBM/SPSS, Confirmit and most recently he founded Decipher’s EMEA operation in London (latterly acquired by FocusVision). Richard understands both quant & qual research methodologies and sees video as one of the key growth areas in the research industry, as a natural way to humanise the numbers.