MRS and ICG Inclusion Pledges

05 Jul 2023 | ICG News & Announcements

On Weds 5th July,  the MRS held their first Inclusion Summit.  As part of this they launched a revised version of the MRS Inclusion Pledge.  This Pledge is geared towards agencies, with pledges such as pay parity, recruitment, etc.

The ICG have been working on a pledge that is relevant and practical for independent consultants.

This Pledge will work in the same way as the MRS Code of Conduct.  If you are a member of the MRS you can sign up to this via the MRS, and you will be subject to a degree of checks and balances.  However if you are an Independent you can declare your “allegiance” and that you agree to adhere to those promises.

It would be great to see as many of you sign up and show your support as possible – if you agree to it of course! WATCH THIS SPACE FOR THE PLEDGE…