MRS Company Partner Scheme – special deal for indies and micro agencies

07 Oct 2012 | Research & Business Knowledge

The MRS offer free membership to the Company Partners Service for sole traders and small businesses (no more than three employees).

This is an accreditation only package – so does not carry the full financial benefits of the main company partners scheme – but can still be very useful for small businesses and sole traders.  The benefits include:

  • Use of the company partner accreditation
  • Entry as a company partner in this area of the MRS site
  • A Freephone listing

The package does not include any of the discounts on events/ conference or RBG listing.

In order to apply, you need to complete the sole traders application form, which covers companies with up to three employees, and also agree to adhere to quality standards (including using the Thank You leaflet).  You or a member of your organisation must be a Full Member of the MRS.

The relevant materials can be downloaded from the right hand pane.  When you have completed the form it should be emailed to the MRS or sent by post to:  

Company Partner Service, The Market Research Society, The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street, London EC1V 0JR

Some further information on the MRS Company Partner Service can be found by clicking here – but note that this is about the overall service, not the specific offer available to independents and those with up to three employees.