MRS/ICG Award For Independent Consultants 2024 – OPEN FOR ENTRIES

17 May 2024 | ICG Award, ICG News & Announcements

The ICG has some of the most talented, versatile and experienced researchers and research micro-businesses in our industry and since 2016 these contributions have been recognised as part of the MRS’ Awards programme.

Following the huge success of the last eight years, we are excited to announce that entries for this year are now open. Deadline for submissions is 4pm on Thursday 27 June.

This is an Award for YOU. We’re sure that each of you can submit something worthwhile. Please take this opportunity.

Who can enter?

Any independent researchers/micro-business who is either a member of MRS or the ICG and employs three or fewer full time staff (in other words, applicants must be eligible to join the ICG). Spread the word to anyone outside of the ICG who’s eligible. They can always join the MRS and/or the ICG once they’ve submitted.

If you’ve submitted something previously, you can continue to do so again. There’s no limit to the number of times you can enter.

What do I need to demonstrate in my application?

This award is designed to recognise the contribution of researchers who choose to work as independent consultants, or as micro-businesses with 3 or fewer employees, rather than in a larger agency environment.

The award will be given to the independent research consultancy giving the best demonstration of their skills and expertise, and the impact their work has, against one or more of the following criteria:

  • Excellence when using established methodologies and techniques
  • Innovation, originality and relevance when using novel methodologies and techniques
  • Strength of contribution made to the success of the client’s business.

We particularly welcome submissions that show the advantages to clients of working with independent researchers or collaborative teams of independent researchers.

This award is open to all ICG members and MRS members whose businesses employ a maximum of 3 people and who aren’t affiliated with a larger organisation. Please contact Anne Rodger for information about ICG membership or find out more about joining MRS here.

Entry format

The judges require a 1,500-word synopsis plus a 200-word summary which specifically highlights why you believe your entry should win this award.

Your synopsis and summary must be submitted via the online form below. Up to three charts/illustrations can be uploaded separately. These do not contribute to the word count but must be specifically referenced in the body of the entry. Additional links to videos, blogs or websites will not be considered by the judges.

You must also upload a high-resolution version of your company logo, or multiple logos if the project is a partnership, in print quality .jpg format (about 300dpi) to be used for publicity purposes if your entry is chosen as a finalist.

Why should I enter?

  • PRIDE: Everyone entering can be proud that they’re promoting the enormous value that we bring to our industry and the excellent work that we do.
  • KUDOS: For those who are shortlisted/the winner, you can be sure to receive an enormous amount of professionally-generated publicity, kudos and potential business, both in the run up to the winner announcement and afterwards.
  • FREE: the award is free to enter
  • STRONG CHANCE OF BEING SHORTLISTED:  We’ve typically had fewer than 20 submissions each year, and we shortlist 4.
  • SUBMISSIONS ARE ONLINE ONLY: You need to write a 1500 word submission about your work, together with a 200 word summary. That’s it. No interview.

Don’t just take our word for it

And from our 2023 Winners, Untapped Innovation

All of us at Untapped were so honoured to have won the 2023 MRS/ICG Independent Consultants Award recognising our innovative research approach in collaboration with BookTrust. The project with BookTrust was one of our favourites in 2023 and it wouldn’t have been possible without our network of amazing independent researchers and experts. As the fast-paced industry evolves and our clients’ innovation challenges with it, we continue to rely on the latest thinking and expertise to bring the magic of insights into innovation.

The timetable 

The timetable for 2024 is as follows:

  • 27th June, 4pm – Deadline for entries
  • Early October – Finalists announced
  • 2nd December – Winners announced at MRS Awards Dinner, London

For any other information please contact ICG committee member responsible for the Award, Matt Kirby 

Whatever your skill set, we hope you’ll find a way to show how you’ve made an impact.

Application form here

More info about the Awards overall here 

Listen to the Q&A session about the Award that we ran April 2023 for members here