Magnificent Mugshots

18 Jan 2017 | ICG News & Announcements

Magnificent Mugshots

Are you making the most of your profile?  Is your mugshot great or grainy? 

As you know we are in the process of redeveloping the ICG’s website, with three main aims; 

  • To make the website more visually attractive and engaging 
  • To bring members more opportunties
  • To optimise the website for use across different devices, from desktop to mobile 

Connect is a vital part of the website – with mechanisms that showcase the breadth and depth of expertise and talent available through the ICG, as well as giving each member the opportunity to promote themselves as potential partners to clients

But is your profile working as hard is it can?  When was the last time you updated it?  How old is the picture you are using to promote yourself (or do you even have a picture uploaded)?


As we have gone through the process, we have realised that some pictures may not display to their best advantage on the new site – and of course we want to maximise the number of member pictures that are there – the more we have, the better the site will look.

So we are asking all members to take a look at their profile pictures – I was appalled to discover that not only was my picture 10 years old (how time flies!), it was also a very ‘odd’ size and as a result appeared very soft and grainy.  Not a good look! 

In an ideal world we would like you to supply a picture that is 480 pixels wide by 320 pixels high (in terms of ratio, this is  3:2 width to height).  If you know how, please go ahead and upload/ replace your current image with a new one – but if you are unsure, then we will resize your images for you.  Please email your new picture to me ( and we’ll handle the rest.

Please do take the time to make your profile shine and ensure that the new ICG website looks fantastic.


Please note that pictures that do not meet our new requirements will be replaced with a generic place-holder image once the website is launched.