New Business Development

20 Jun 2013 | Webinars

“It’s a jungle out there – stand still and you die”

Be a lion not a lamb! Don’t just sit there – be proactive and you yourself can capture interesting and profitable new projects. This ‘taster’ webinar introduces, and then incentivises you to discover more about the professional sales principles that will help you win more work. Totally relevant to ICG members, it demonstrates that you can learn to identify additional ‘suspects’ for your consultancy services, turn them into ‘prospects’ and then achieve ‘conversion’ £££s.

The 3 ‘P’ system of selling are outlined:

  • Planning – differentiating your offer, turning ‘features’ into ‘benefits’ and generating new leads
  • Prospecting – making appointments with potential clients and overcome objections
  • Pitching – the skills of ‘consultative selling’ when face-to-face with the prospect

Mike Roe is ‘one of us’; now a consultant/trainer after a long career as a researcher. Towards the end of his time at Research International he morphed into their Business Development Director. He then used the experiences gained as the basis of both his textbook “Marketing Professional Services” as well as his popular one-day seminars delivered for the UK and Dutch Market Research Societies and many research agencies around the world.