Prezi- Is it time to ditch Powerpoint

30 Oct 2012 | Webinars

Prezi is the first presentation tool to seriously challenge the domination of PowerPoint. It utilises a ‘zooming user interface’ to put entire slides in motion and focuses heavily on images, graphics, and motion to draw attention to text.

Some think it’s all too overwhelming and distracting from the core message of the presentation, and others have called Prezi’s flashy presentation templates unprofessional. However, many more have noted that Prezi’s tools make it easy to create presentations that are truly interesting and a world apart from the dull slideshows we’re all used to.

Your speakers are:

  • Russell Anderson-Williams, Director of The Prezenter Ltd. Official Prezi Expert, and author of ‘Mastering Prezi for business’
  • Bjorn Terlouw, Prezi User, Blauw Research NL
  • Teresa Hadfield, ICG Member, Research and Strategy

Catch up with the presentations below and download the presentations in pdf format from the right hand pane.

Russell Anderson-Williams’ presentation

Making every presentation a masterpiece – with Prezi!

Bjorn Terlouw’s presentation

Using Prezi for presenting quantitative research results

Teresa Hadfield’s presentation

Using Prezi for presenting qualitative research findings