Question Time November 2013

14 Nov 2013 | ICG News & Announcements

By very popular member demand and for our fourth fabulous year, we hosted our annual topical exchange of trends in marketing, research and business, along the lines of the BBC weekly programme, on Thursday 14 November in Central London, 12 noon until 3pm.

Following an excellent buffet lunch and networking with colleagues over a glass or three of wine, ‘Question Time’ itself commenced in Screen One at the Odeon Shaftesbury Avenue with a series of relevant and timely questions, and lots of lively debate between the audience and the pannelists. We were delighted to welcome to the panel.

In the Chair – Ray Poynter, well-known speaker; general research & technology guru; originator: festival of NewMR, and an all star panel line up of:

  • Ken Parker
    AQR Chairman; founder – Discovery Research; sports research expert and football fanatic
  • Becky Rowe
    MD of ESRO; an award-winning researcher for NHS ethnography work
  • Paul Edwards
    Chief Strategy Officer, Hall & Partners; vastly experienced industry leader and ad planner
  • Janet Kiddle
    Founder: Steel Magnolia and long-time ICG member; ex MD of TRBI
  • Mike Barnes
    Consultant; ex Head of Research, RBS

Here are some video clips of some of the key questions:

Our first question – No one ever got fired for buying an IBM computer. With companies like TNS Global and Ipsos MORI offering depth and breadth of expertise, what hope is there for the one man or woman band?

How can indies stay up to date with new developments and technology?


We have a rush towards speed – how do we balance rigour, quality and interpretation with speed?

Big Data – is it a massive threat to independent researchers?


It is increasingly apparent that people don’t know why they do what they do, so what is the point of asking them?

We have all experienced death by PowerPoint but what is new?*

*Those who missed our earlier webinar on Prezi may be interested in catching up with it by clicking here