RECORDING: Understanding How Using Advanced Analytics in Research Can Help Your Clients

02 May 2024 | Webinars

Have you ever wanted to know more about some of the key analytical tools used in market research?

New ICG-er and advanced analytics expert, Paul CarneyClearcut Insights, is running an interactive 90-minute introductory training session for the ICG on “Advanced Analytics in Research” on the 2nd May.

This session will be completely free of formulas and is suitable for both qualies and quanties. The focus is on understanding “what they are and how to use and talk about them”, rather than how to do them, so non-experts are welcome.

It will introduce 8 key tools & techniques, such as Segmentation, Conjoint and Key Driver Analysis, with the aim of giving you more confidence in spotting opportunities for solving client issues, key questions to ask your clients in initial conversations, and best-practice tips along the way.

There will also be an opportunity to ask Paul questions and exchange experiences.

Paul has over 25 years experience in running these techniques, firstly while leading Research International’s Marketing Science Centre, then as Head of Analytics at Bonamy Finch, and now with his independent analytics consultancy, ClearCut Insights.

Contact Paul if you’d like to watch this training session and/or receive his slides (ICG members only)