RECORDING AND SLIDES OF: Using Anthropology in Market Research

07 Mar 2023 | Webinars

Using Anthropology in Market Research with Dr Jonathan Newman, Deep Research – Thurs 25 Aug

Generously sponsored by Indiefield 

Anthropology helps understand how different people know the world in different ways and how they make meaning and act in accordance with their visions of where they are. For market researchers, such knowledge is invaluable because it takes us into the changeable realms of interpretation, desire, socially acceptable norms and value.

‘What is a stone? For an engineer, the stone is a story of strength, weight, dimension or force. To people living on an island in the Pacific, it is a story about the body of one of their ancestors. To a geologist, it is a story about the body of the planet we live on. To a child playing, it is a story about food and cooking dinner. A stone is all these things and more. My view of a stone depends on the stories that I tell about it; and in different places, different people tell different stories about stones.’ Dr Jonathan Newman

The talk gives an overview of social anthropology and ethnography in order to provide perspectives and tools to help researchers dig a little deeper.

Recording here. 

Slides here.