RECORDING: Applications of Behavioural Science to Quantitative Market Research

19 Oct 2022 | Webinars

This webinar is generously sponsored by MIS Group 

Over the past decade or more, many market research agencies and their clients have been influenced by findings from behavioural science. In particular, some agencies have incorporated insights and approaches from behavioural science into their qualitative research offer.

However, while some have also had similar success in quantitative research, there remains significant untapped potential here. A huge opportunity exists for clients to improve their ability to understand, predict, and influence key stakeholder behaviour – through application of behavioural science insights and approaches to quantitative research.

This webinar will provide you with both the theory and tools to rectify this. We’ll first examine behaviour change models in detail. Next, we’ll look at behavioural economic approaches. Finally, we’ll cover personality trait insights.

This webinar will provide both the rationale for why, but crucially also the “how to”. Importantly, everything described will complement existing quantitative research techniques and data collection methods. Therefore, no significant initial investment is required to put any of these approaches into practice.

The webinar will also summarise the highlights from a detailed, upcoming 35-page guide: Applications of Behavioural Science to Quantitative Market Research. A free copy can be pre-ordered here:

Chris Harvey

Chris Harvey is the Founder of Activate Research, which inspires change and drives growth through enabling a deeper understanding of how people think and why they behave as they do. Drawing on an MSc Behavioural Science and 15 years research industry experience, Activate Research adds complementary insights and approaches from behavioural science – and psychology more broadly – to agencies’ research offer. This enables end clients to better understand, predict, and influence target audience behaviour.



Webinar slides 

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