RECORDING: AURA’s Working Well Together Charter: What Is It And How Does It Impact Independent Consultancies?

27 Jun 2024 | Webinars

AURA launched its Working Well Together Charter at Quirks London on the 8th May 2024.

The Charter is founded on the  belief that the way clients and research agencies work together can make a
real difference to people’s confidence and well-being. AURA members who sign up to the AURA Working Well Together Charter have committed to a set of standards they will live up to when you work with them.

AURA Working Well Together Charter May 2024

This webinar will shed more light on what the Charter is and how this will be impact on independent consultants.

It will be led by AURA representative Ruth Hinton and ICG member Nick Bonney, who was instrumental in its design.

Ruth Hinton

With a career in client-side consumer insight spanning over 20 years at a variety of major retail and hospitality brands, and a background in psychology, Ruth Hinton specialises in understanding the people behind the numbers and collaborating with colleagues to drive improvements for customers.

Ruth is currently Group Head of Customer Experience at Vue International, and also Chair of AURA, the UK’s biggest community exclusively for client-side researchers – providing content, events and peer-to-peer support, to inspire insight and drive impact within organisations.

Nick Bonney

Nick has been a member of the ICG since 2018 when he set up Deep Blue Thinking. As many of us can probably relate to, Nick has seen the research industry from many different angles. He has had roles as an interviewer, a field manager, an agency exec right through to MD and worked a client for nearly 20 years, serving on the AURA Council . Based on those experiences, he saw the AURA Charter as a chance to get the industry to work more effectively together and volunteered to get involved.


Watch this webinar here