RECORDING: Consumer Neuroscience for Market Research

21 Jun 2022 | Webinars

Applied Consumer Neuroscience (ACN) uses neuroscience to help companies gain insight into the behaviour and experience of their customers. In this webinar, Daniel C. Richardson, Professor of Experimental Psychology at University College London, will give an overview of the contemporary use – and misuse – of neuroscience methods and ideas,  describe the different ways that neuroscience can be used for market research, and provide content for marketing campaigns. He’ll illustrate these using some of ACN’s own work with companies such as Audible and Vue Cinemas, their studies of the heart rates of West End audiences and the creativity of people in an underwater night club. Finally, he’ll give some suggestions of how market researchers can start to learn about and put into practice consumer neuroscience ideas.

Daniel C. Richardson

Daniel C. Richardson is a Professor of Experimental Psychology at University College London, where his research examines how cognitive processes are grounded in the body, the environment and the social world. He is the author of Man versus Mind, and Social Psychology for Dummies, and has published more than 50 articles in international scientific journals. He has consulted for groups such as the BBC, Audible, Just Giving Google and Vue Cinemas, and performed shows at the London Science Museum and Bloomsbury theatre combining science, music and live experiments on the group mind of the audience.

Applied Consumer Neuroscience (ACN)

Applied Consumer Neuroscience use neuroscience to help companies better understand how their customers feel about their products. From developing bespoke research programmes that answer specific questions about consumers, to corporate training workshops and live speaking engagements, their team of neuroscientists and psychologists specialise in helping corporate clients get a deeper understanding of consumers and their behaviour.


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