RECORDING: Disability: Breaking down the barriers

22 May 2023 | Webinars

This webinar is generously sponsored by McGowan Transcriptions, specialists in Market Research multiple voice transcription since 1993.


We’re pleased to have ICG member Steven Lacey, The Outsiders, talk to us about his experiences and knowledge.

Steven Lacey is an ex-strategist and award-winning qualitative researcher. He runs The Outsiders, which conducts lots of research in the diversity space. Steven is disabled and neurodiverse.

Steven will present to the ICG on ‘Disability breaking down the barriers’. He will describe his life and challenges and then explore the lives of those with disabilities, the barriers, and what brands can do. He will also provide tips on the best ways to conduct research, how to represent people with disabilities in marketing and how to create good innovation.


Accompanying slides: Disability SLIDES