RECORDING: Emotional Resilience: What Is It And How To Develop It

07 Mar 2023 | Webinars

This webinar has been generously sponsored by Feedback Market Research

In this webinar, Keith Mayers, a Chartered Coaching Psychologist and Organizational Psychologist, registered with British Psychological Society, will take us through how we can build our emotional resilience; something which is particularly relevant to micro-business owners, particularly in today’s economic climate.

It has been shown that professionals who work independently may be susceptible to a variety of wellbeing related issues. These can include social isolation, stress, anxiety, life balance, security, and self-esteem.  It’s these areas which Keith can help navigate and formulate coping abilities.

What the webinar will cover

  • What it really means to be an Independent Consultant
  • Some psychological principles
  • Applying these principles to foster resiliency and wellbeing
  • 1-2 realistic new steps to implement the above
  • How to increase your self-awareness.

About Keith

Keith’s journey with this started 11 years ago when he almost lost my life to a very rare auto immune condition, which put him on the verge of multiple organ failure. After a very long recovery and re-educating himself to become a psychologist, he made it his purpose to use his education and personal experience to help others with their wellbeing and resiliency.

Keith is guided by the core belief that even if we lose what we once had physically, we can still grow intellectually, mentally, and emotionally. A challenging life is not necessarily a catastrophic one. We may not live as fully as once did, but our lives can still have value, meaning and purpose. We might just have to be more creative in how we find it.

He has vast experience in coaching one to one, group coaching, workshops, and presentations-including the Clinical Education Programmes for the NHS.

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