RECORDING: Get off the Feast & Famine Rollercoaster!

01 Nov 2022 | Webinars

How often do you find yourself riding the feast and famine rollercoaster?

Working and busy one month, but with no work to keep you busy the next month. Time to do more marketing when you’re not busy – and then no time to keep in touch with prospects when you’re busy with clients.

Sound familiar? Time to get off this rollercoaster?

Then come along to this ICG Webinar at 11am on 27 October 2022. We’ll be joined by Chantal Cornelius, who has been running Appletree Marketing for over 22 years. She’s run a number of very popular webinars for us in the last few years and she’ll be sharing more of her invaluable knowledge with us.

Chantal does marketing very differently to many other people in her industry. In this webinar she’ll show you a simple way to plan your marketing for 2023, that will keep you off the feast and famine rollercoaster for next year and beyond.

Here’s what one of Chantal’s Marketing Research clients said:

“HUGE thanks again for everything you’ve done over the years, Chantal. Research Insight is stronger, more customer-focused and more successful as a result of your advice/input (and cheerful cajoling!) and the excellent work of your team.”

Former ICG Member Martin Holliss, Managing Director, Research Insight

Chantal Cornelius

Chantal set up Appletree Marketing in 2000 and since then has helped hundreds of consultants and trainers to grow their businesses. She provides simple, practical and down to earth advice to help small businesses to grow.

She has written and published two books on marketing and business survival and is regularly asked to speak to groups of businesses on these subjects. Chantal successfully uses her planning techniques to make sure that her business, and those of all her clients, stay off the dreaded feast and famine rollercoaster. She can do the same for you too.