RECORDING: How bad are focus groups? Carbon Literacy for Researchers

24 Jun 2024 | ICG News & Announcements

The webinar acts as a bitesize introduction to the full one-day training, Carbon Literacy for the Insights Sector, accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project and starts to answer these questions:

  • What is carbon literacy?
  • What does a tonne of carbon look like and what does it mean?
  • How bad are focus groups? (Clue: Not necessarily that bad)
  • What about the insights sector – how is it doing?
  • What steps should we take to reduce our own and our sector emissions?
  • What types of steps have others taken?
  • How can we maximise our own and our organisations’ impact?
  • How can I become certified Carbon Literate?

Why people should attend

Knowing what actions to take that will really reduce our emissions, as individuals, communities and organisations is complex and challenging and can often leave us either paralysed, or potentially making less helpful decisions.

Our role as insight professionals arguably gives us even greater responsibility, as we advise client organisations in our project work.

By becoming Carbon Literate – learning where we have the most impact and what we can do to reduce it – we can start to get our own houses in order and be in a strong position to advise clients, with a clearer understanding of the relative impact of our activities, to make the greatest impact in reaching Net Zero.

Jenny Kedros, Independent researcher (and ICG member) and climate educator, Kedros Consulting Ltd.



Jenny is an independent research consultant and climate educator with specialisms in education and sustainability. As Shift Insight’s Research and Insights Director till 2023, Jenny led on education research as well as developing sustainability as a core specialism. She works with agencies and clients on education and sustainability research projects, and continues to create new, and learn existing, climate education courses and workshops.

Jenny completed The Oxford Climate Emergency Programme with the University of Oxford (Saïd Business School and The Smith Institute of Enterprise and Environment) in 2021 and was certified Carbon Literate after attending the Carbon Literacy for Interested Organisations course in 2022. Her organisational pledge was to create a sector specific Carbon Literacy course, which was developed with her team at Shift with support from the Insights Climate Collective. The full training was accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project in May 2023 and has been delivered in-house in agencies and via the MRS.

The current average carbon footprint of a UK citizen is 12.7 tonnes CO2e. At the time of writing in June 2024 the Carbon Literacy Project estimated the amount of carbon saved by delegates’ pledged actions across the whole project to be at least 348,000 tonnes of CO2e.

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