RECORDING: International Research, Trends, Challenges and Opportunities: A ICG Expert Panel Discussion

15 Jan 2024 | Webinars

This webinar has been generously sponsored by Teneo Translations

This webinar is the first part of a series of webinars we’ll be conducting about International Research.

Here, we welcome four ICG international research experts, Muriel Esposito, Nicky Fraser, Rebecca Harrison and Nicolas Kayser, to lead a panel discussion, using stories/real life examples, to illustrate the following about the international landscape…

  1. Changes past and present
  2. Challenges encountered and solutions found
  3. Future opportunities.

Topics that will be addressed within these areas will include AI and digital automation tools and marketing strategies that can affect how work is conducted.

Our Panelists

Muriel Esposito

Muriel, through Esposito Research and Strategy, offers, innovation and strategy and qual and quant services. She is a food research specialist, with over 25 years experience.

Nicky Fraser

Nicky is a skilled and experienced qualitative researcher and trained psychotherapist with a constant fascination for what makes people tick. With 3 decades experience, Nicky brings national and international expertise across a wide range of categories and markets, working for some of the leading research agencies in Sydney and London including The Research Business International, Added Value, Crucible, Kaleidoscope and Heartbeat Trends.

Nicky holds a Masters in Social Behaviour from London School of Economics, including Consumer Psychology and Psychology of Advertising, and is also a trained psychotherapist.

Rebecca Harrison

Rebecca has been a global ethno and insight explorer for over 35yrs and lucky enough to have lived and worked in four continents and travelled extensively, all in the name of research – and my goodness how it has changed!  Having worked in a range of small, medium and large agencies, she now runs Mosaik Consulting Ltd from London, specialising in international food and drink innovation and kids research, and partners with a broad network of like-minded agencies and independents on a wide variety of other categories. One thing is guaranteed, there is never a dull moment with international research and that’s why she loves it!

Nicholas Kayser

Nicolas is based in Germany and has a Degree in psychology and further education in innovation/change management (including design thinking), online marketing and healthcare marketing. He has been working for 20+ years in national and international market research with a focus on qualitative methods and analysis (B2C and B2B). In 2017 he set up ‘The Insight Zoo’ – Psychological Marketing Research which he runs from Frankfurt.


Watch the webinar here