RECORDING: Introduction to AMSR – a free resource for storytelling and bringing context to research and insights

17 Jul 2023 | Webinars

Please join ICG member Judith Staig for this webinar.

Tim Harford advises that, when we see a number, we should ask ‘is that a big number?’ One of the ways we can answer that question is to look at recent history. For example, is the interest rate high? Only when compared with the last few years – back in November 1979, it was 17%.

This webinar will introduce you to the AMSR – a fantastic free resource for researchers. The AMSR curates post-war market research projects, papers, and publications and is full of nuggets of gold that will help you put context around today’s markets, find data to spin stories around and bring your insights to life.

The webinar uses the three recent AMSR publications to showcase stories about key issues of our time such as women at work, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, inflation and referendums, as well as to report on the changes and developments we have seen in our industry. Link to publications here

What will I learn? You will know how to use the AMSR for your own research and also what you can do to become involved with what is one of the foremost and most valuable charitable endeavours in our industry.

Judith Staig

Judith is a writer and content strategist working in the research and insights sector. She helps AMSR with marcomms as a volunteer.


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