RECORDING: Knowledge Share: Demystifying UX Research

04 Oct 2023 | Knowledge Share

This Knowledge Share is generously sponsored by Opinion Hub , Research Rooms, Sensory Lab, Data Collection and Fieldwork, based in London with Nationwide coverage

As a seasoned UX Researcher, Deborah Simmons is often asked about the overlap between UXR and MR. Are they really all that different, or just the same competency within a different skin? During this session, Deborah will offer insight into what differentiates UX Research from traditional MR, and how to adapt your skills to fit within the UX landscape. It will be a discursive session with plenty of time for questions.

So, if you’re considering transitioning into UXR – or you just want to find out a bit more about it, then this taster session is for you.

Deborah Simmons

In 2013, following a number of years building her skills and experience in small method-neutral insight consultancies, Deborah set up Camino Insight. Her first freelance role was also her first foray into UX Research. Without any UX training the learning curve was steep and Deborah found herself navigating through the jungle of digital product development with little support to fall back on. As well as full-service projects, she now takes on Lead User Researcher roles for global brands such as Anglo American and Nissan, where she specialises in helping businesses along their journey toward digital transformation.


Webinar slides : Demistifying UX Research_ICG_Oct 2023