RECORDING: Knowledge Share: Shopper Research

05 Jul 2023 | ICG News & Announcements


This Knowledge Share session has been generously sponsored by E-Tabs, bringing cutting edge automated charting for your projects in PowerPoint & Google Slides

This session is designed to give a flavour of what shopper research is all about for those fairly new to the topic, who may be asked to consider this approach by their clients.  There are always new things to learn, changes in consumer behaviour, and a myriad of products on offer, so more experienced researchers are welcome to join, but it will be kept at a fairly introductory level given the short amount of time.  It will briefly cover different approaches and their merits, eye-tracking and a few practical hints and tips that may be helpful in field.  It would be lovely to pass on some insights that may save another poor soul from freezing in the chiller aisle or getting footsore as they run back and forth in a massive Tesco!  So do join this session if it sounds like you may find it useful.

Nanda Marchant

Nanda is a qualitative consultant with a long track record.  Beginning her research career at a full service London agency, she went on to head up customer satisfaction studies at Barclaycard and then marketing roles at Barclays, before taking the plunge as a freelancer 20 years ago.  Though specialising in finance early on, as many consultants will testify, they can apply their expertise to many different topics.  So, in recent years she has also built a wealth of knowledge in shopper research, having haunted many a biscuit aisle and bustling bread counter to bring brands an insight into how their customers think, browse and purchase.