RECORDING: Mental Fitness: 3 Keys To Better Stress Management

03 Aug 2023 | Webinars

How often have you felt stressed of late? A 2021 Gallup poll showed that 44% of us felt stressed, just yesterday!

Stress is a regular and frequent factor in our lives these days, and can be triggered by everything from work pressure, to home life, money and relationships. But its how we deal with it that can be crucial to our performance and wellbeing.

In this session we’ll explore

  • Worrying increase of stress levels globally (and impact within the insights industry)
  • The anatomy of stress
  • My story of how stress became a form of self sabotage
  • Mental Fitness techniques to deal with stress
  • Q&A

Not only will you learn about stress and how it affects you, but you’ll come away with 3 powerful mental fitness techniques to help you deal with stress whenever it arises.

Lara Meyer

Lara is a researcher turned professional coach who has a degree in Psychology (BSc) and is trained in multiple coaching methodologies (Co-Active and Positive Intelligence) and is an accredited member (ACC) of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She brings a multitude of leadership skills from a corporate career spanning almost 20 years in Research with TNS, Kantar, Hall & Partners, as wellas client-side at Microsoft & Hive and now supports growing start-ups via her consultancy Scale Up Insight.
She is committed to empowering senior leaders within the research and insights space to bringout the best in themselves, their  teams and their companies.

Don’t forget to also download Lara’s free workbook as well to help you on your stress management journey.

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