RECORDING: Transformational Change Dynamics – and The ‘S’ Word!

17 Jan 2024 | Webinars

Please listen to this informative webinar by ICG member Paul Vittles, where he’ll be covering;

  • the language of change and why it scares people
  • transitional change & transformational change
  • the 3 Key Dynamics of Change
  • the role of research in transformational change
  • mini case studies of major change (inc physical, psychological & emotional)
  • The ‘S’ Word – suicide prevention as a transformational change challenge
  • the role of research in transforming suicide prevention
  • how everyone can help and how you can help!

About Paul Vittles and The Jordan Legacy

Paul Vittles is a researcher, change consultant, coach & counsellor. He began his career with MORI in 1984, has held director level positions with some of the ‘big global research firms’ as well as growing a research business as CEO from 5 to 50 people. Paul has worked agency side & client side, in the UK and Australia. He now works freelance.

Much of Paul’s career has been focused on transformational change projects & initiatives; he lectures at business schools on transformational change; and he’s recently been appointed to the Advisory Board of a new Transformational Change Centre at the University of York.

These days, Paul’s focus is on what he calls “one of the great transformational change challenges of our time” – suicide prevention, or getting the numbers of suicides in the UK down from the level of 6,000+ preventable deaths every year…towards zero!

Paul works closely with The Jordan Legacy which was set up by Steve Phillip after losing his son Jordan to suicide in December 2019. The Jordan Legacy is focused on practical actions to minimise suicides.

In 2023, Paul & Steve carried out action research and published a report – ‘Moving Towards a Zero Suicide Society’ – which many people in the suicide prevention field called ‘groundbreaking’.

Paul is active in the following places:


X (formerly Twitter): @PaulVittles


The Jordan Legacy:

Watch the webinar here 


Additional resources

Transformational Change Case Study: City of York Revolution 1989-91

Transformational Change Case Study: 25 Cromwell Street (1996)

Citizen & Community Empowerment, Deliberative & Participative Democracy (reflective magnum opus published 2020!) (the human right to be involved in decisions that affect our lives)

Listen Hear: The Global Campaign for Effective Listening (winner of the TEDxSydney ‘best idea worth spreading’ 2011)

The Forgiveness Project

Kings Place: The Optician’s Vision!

Digital Life-Saving: Finalist in the TEDxSydney ‘Fast Ideas’ competition for ‘best idea worth spreading’ 2014

Greenbook Article: Research Should Make a Difference (2014)

IIeX Asia-Pacific Conference: ‘Big Data & Mobile Saved My Life’ (2014)

ESOMAR Foundation: Research & Engagement ‘Making a Difference’ and Saving Lives (2018)

SuperFriend: Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Survey (carried out annually 2015 to 2023)

The 3 Key Dynamics of Change (model used for 35 years, used in business school lectures & in suicide prevention work)

The UK Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA)

ZSA Online Training Courses (inc evidence-based, lived experience informed, NHS-endorsed, 20 mins, free!)

Suicide Prevention Transformation Model (2020) (Suicide is a practical act, suicide prevention means practical actions – do you want to save lives?)

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Moving Towards a Zero Suicide Society – how far we have to go (inc The Jordan Legacy/MEL Research Survey) (Sept 2023) Jordan Legacy Petition to Parliament for a Suicide Prevention Act Package (petition closes/d 19 Jan 2024)

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Launch of the iTalk Mental Health & Suicide Prevention App by Darren Barden & Phil Thorne (Nov 2023)

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2024 Roll Out of the Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme + the #ZeroSuicideSociety #JoinTheDots Tour in June

‘Suicide – a Means of Death, not a Cause of Death’: A ‘This is the North’ Podcast recorded Oct 2023, published Jan 2024 (host Alison Dunn witnessed a suicide the day before this was recorded, but wanted ‘more than ever’ to do this podcast)

The Global Community Engagement Day Global Panel Event 27/28 January 2024

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