Redefining What It Takes To Be Effective At Sales: WEBINAR RECORDING

25 May 2021 | Research & Business Knowledge

This webinar was generously sponsored by MIS Group

What immediately springs to mind when we say the word ‘selling?’ How do you feel? How good do you think you are at it? Who is good at it and why?

Sales is one of the oldest professions there is and it’s endured for a reason. Sales should be seen as adding value, not a ‘dirty’ word. But to change how others see it we must first walk the walk and take pride in what we do.

This webinar by founder and MD of the London School of Sales, Vinit Shah, will take you through 7 sales skills to help you develop a personal toolkit, growth mindset and the confidence to excel in selling and influencing.

More specifically:

  • Selling to Different Personality Types
  • Asking Effective Questions
  • The Importance of Storytelling
  • Handling Objections
  • Creating and Maintaining Urgency
  • Negotiation
  • Closing the Sale


About Vinit Shah

Vinit has been working in commercial roles, helping businesses to successfully meet their strategic objectives and sales targets, for more than 25 years.

His experience on the ground, of having done the job that you are doing, combined with his own continuing professional development and particular passion for selling, ed him to develop my own sales approach.

His career has been all about building high-performance teams, inspiring, motivating, and coaching sales professionals like you to deliver on their numbers and great customer service while focusing on continuous improvement.

His whole approach is about empowering individuals and creating a culture of trust and knowledge sharing that ensures you don’t negotiate with yourself or what you believe in. He wants you to be proud to sell and others to value what you do.

that’s why he  founded London School of Sales. It’s what led him to write ‘Slice’, which is all about encouraging aspiring sales professionals to harness the power of personal development. And it’s why he’s on a mission to make one million sales people proud to sell. Why not be one of them?