What do you do when your sales pipeline is full? (It is full isn’t it?)

18 May 2017 | Webinars

This webinar was kindly sponsored by GDCC, offering you CATI and online data collection services covering over 35 languages for B2B and Consumer market research projects.

You do have a full sales pipeline, don’t you? Prospects who are queuing up to work with you, waiting until you have space to fit them in …?

Thousands of new consultancy businesses start up every year in the UK; sadly, thousands of businesses also fail every year. One of the reasons they fail is because they don’t get their marketing right. They throw money it, hoping it will work. They try a bit of this and a bit of that, because they’ve heard that’s what they need to do, or they think that it might work.

Too many people waste money on marketing that’s not right for their business and that simply won’t work! Don’t be one of those businesses!

Successful consultancy businesses know who their best clients are and how to look after them, so that they keep coming back for more. They know how to keep track of their potential clients and how to keep in touch with them, to keep their sales pipeline full. They know how to manage that pipeline and how to turn leads into sales.


Chantal Cornelius at Appletree Marketing does marketing differently to many other people in her industry. In this webinar she shows the importance of using a Customer Relationship Management system – otherwise known as a database! She talks about using a database to keep in touch with your best clients and build stronger relationships with them. She explains the importance of using a database to target your marketing more accurately. She also shows how to keep track of your prospects so that you can turn them into paying clients.