Social Media Listening – What Are The Possibilities For Research? RECORDING

26 Mar 2021 | Research & Business Knowledge

This webinar was generously sponsored by MIS Group

We welcomed Dr Jillian Ney, former ICG member, the first person in the UK to have a PHD in Social Media and founder of the Social  Intelligence Lab, to run this webinar.

Jillian covered the following in the webinar:

  • A short background to the different social media listening tools available
  • Focus on case studies to demonstrate where the value of social data is. These case studies will show everyone what is possible with social intelligence rather than the tools.

About Jillian

Dr Jillian Ney

Dr Jillian is the founder of The Social Intelligence Lab. She has worked in the industry for well over a decade as researcher, consultant, spokesperson and author. She’s on a mission to bring the industry together and give social intelligence the place it deserves as a recognised and supported discipline. Ask her about digital behavioural science, purchasing decisions and why Scotland is the best place on earth.

Generous discount for ICG members

The Social Intelligence Lab has Demo Day on April the 21st and 22nd and can provide IGC members with a 50% discount code, making the tickets $25. Members will be able to take demos of tools, listen to how brands and agencies are making use of the tech and the challenges they face.