The Digital Shopper’s Journey

30 Apr 2018 | Research & Business Knowledge

Reproduced with kind permission of Robin Shuker, this special report takes a look at how digital grocery shoppers make decisions and what actions they take online when selecting their everyday grocery and household consumbable needs.  If you want to find out more, or download the full report, then go to their blog.


For all the attention paid to “the shopper’s journey,” precious little is actually known about the digital shopper’s journey, or those who rely on ecommerce to satisfy their "everyday" needs for groceries and household consumables like cleaning, personal care, pet, and baby supplies.

In the colorful infographic below, Field Agent maps out this journey from start to finish, highlighting some of the key decisions and actions of individuals shopping online for groceries and household consumables. 

This map is based on post-shop surveys with 451 digital shoppers. Each participant completed this survey immediately after buying at least $30 of groceries/household consumables from an online retailer for local pickup or in-town delivery.

Field Agent scrutinized each agent submission to ensure participants had just completed an “online grocery-shopping trip.” To qualify, participants were required to submit screenshots/photos showing what they purchased, when they purchased it, and how much they spent.