The ICG and You! A week-long asynchronous study

08 Oct 2020 | Research & Business Knowledge

We have been given a fantastic opportunity to run a 5 day asynchronous study amongst our members, thanks to the generous donation of Recollective’s* software.

The study will take place on Monday 19th – Friday 23 October.

The benefits of this study are three-fold;

In no particular order…

  • It’ll allow you to get to know each other – always good for future collaborations!
  • It’ll give you a rare opportunity to be a research participant for once, rather than a service provider (and understand the functions and features of Recollective)
  • It’ll give you an opportunity to tell us more about what you think of the ICG and where you’d like it to go.

This is a study for everyone (not just qualitative researchers) and we hope that you all take the opportunity to sign up for it. We know you’re all busy, so there’s no pressure to complete it all – just do as much as you can. You can either do a bit each day, or several activities over a shorter period. You don’t need to have had any experience in using online platforms and we’re here on hand if you need any help. We think it’ll take about 15 mins max of your time/day, but on the last day we’ll be meeting for an hour in real time to conclude the study.

About Recollective*

Recollective is an industry-leading research tool for conducting online qualitative studies and developing robust insight communities.

Available on mobile and desktop in 20+ languages, Recollective makes it easy to conduct custom online qualitative research for any duration or project size, anywhere in the world. 

Design engaging studies using a combination of asynchronous activities, journals or discussion forums, plus live video focus groups and video IDIs. Asynchronous activities combine various interactive question types including open text, media uploads, image and video markup, card sorting, fill the blanks, quick polls, grids and more.

Sign up for this great opportunity today.

You’ll receive your login just before the study begins.