Using Video in Research

03 Oct 2013 | Webinars

Video can be a very powerful research tool when used in the right project and used in the right way. On the other side of the coin it can also be seen as a "faff", added expense, and not providing much added benefit!

ICG member, Lynn McKay Mathew, unravels the different elements necessary in delivering a successful project which will provide insights difficult to achieve with other methods and will engage the client and help them make best use of the information (ie a happy client!). The webinar covers planning with the client, different types of projects, how to get the best from the video company and managing costs.

Lynn McKay Mathew worked for Unilever for 20 years in consumer research and now runs a video company providing video services for research & training. She also runs workshops in best practice use of video, including the MRS as one of her training clients. She has seen the "video good, the bad and the ugly" from all angles as a provider of services, a researcher and a client, and is passionate about transferring her knowledge to others to enable all parties involved to get the very best out of using video in research.

Lynn is joined by Andy Thompson from Voxpops who shares with us some case studies showing the use of video in research and how the client's research programme has benefitted.

Voxpops have been established for over 25 years, they film, interview and produce videos about customers that communicate key marketing and insight messages. Their videos range from classic talking heads through to complex and creative animations. Clients include Barclays, BSkyB, FCA, Google, HSBC, MAS, Yahoo!