Video Profiles for Members

28 Mar 2018 | ICG News & Announcements

Video Profiles for Members

New member video profile feature introduced

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?  Do you want to be able to 'talk' directly to potential clients?  Do you want the edge?

Then upload a short video pitch to your ICG member profile – and …

There are two main steps to the process;

Creating your video

  1. Shoot your video – most mobiles have good enough quality cameras for a selfie, use your webcam or other digital video recorder
  2. Videos should be short and punchy, getting across who you are and what you do quickly and succinclty.  Think 'elevator pitch' – keep the videos to around 30 seconds
  3. Once you hare happy with your video, you need to go to your Youtube account (if you already have one) or create one (just go to the Youtube site and follow instructions)
  4. On Youtube there is an ‘Upload’ button, click on it, select the video and upload it
  5. On the Basic Info tab, give the video a title and description and add any relevant tags (these are words that may be used to search for you)
  6. Click ‘Publish’ once the video has uploaded
  7. In Video Manager, click on the video you have uploaded to check that it plays/looks OK.
  8. In the ‘Play’ screen there is a ‘Share’ button which gives you a link (starting…….), this is the link needed to add to the icg website.  Copy this link

Loading your video to your ICG Profile

  1. Log into the ICG website, and go to your control panel

If you have any problems, please contact me ( and I will do my best to help.