Vox pops – hints and tips for respondents

15 Jan 2020 | Research & Business Knowledge

Asking respondents to create a vox pop of themselves on their phones is a great idea – but often the results can be disappointing with underexposed, a dark films, shaky frames and poor sound. Here are some tips/ instructions to give to respondents to help them create good quality results…

  • make sure you film with phone in landscape, NOT portrait mode;
  • make sure your phone is held as steady as possible, and that it is set up to captures all of your face;
  • make sure you have your back against a wall, not a window;
  • make sure you are well lit from the front, no-one likes a voice emerging from darkness;
  • minimise background noises – don’t try to record your selfie video while the big battle scene in Braveheart is on the telly in the background, or in a park when there is a gale blowing – all we will hear is the wind;
  • have our questions printed out or on another screen in front of you so you know what we want you to discuss or answer;
  • have a few notes about what you want to say so that you don’t have long periods of silence trying to remember the point you want to make