What have we been talking about? February 2017

08 Mar 2017 | ICG News & Announcements

What have we been talking about? February 2017

The month’s subjects headings were book marked (alphabetically at least) by humour – ‘A bit of fun’ to a ‘Yuge possibility’ – but most of the month focussed on practical issues. In particular, there were many requests for recommendations and appeals for advice, all answered with the usual generosity of fellow ICG members

The single biggest discussion was regarding very narrow recruitment criteria making recruitment impossible, with a client unwilling to accept their criteria should cause a problem. Other members were able to confirm that their instinct was also that the criteria were unrealistic and offer some useful suggestions of how to deal with the client.

Advice was also sought by members on chasing late payment, on ideas for concept testing, on the use of emoticons in qual research and the reputation of an unknown, potential new client.

Another topic was an ethical issue: in what circumstances, if any, is it ethical to use an agent provocateur in groups – someone playing a role? It was unanimously felt that this is unethical, and against the MRS code of conduct, if the other participants are unaware of their role … even if the intention is just to have someone to help keep the energy up in the group.

There were the usual calls for qual recruiters from A-Z, well A-Y, Amersham, Beaconsfield, Coventry, Dublin … to York. With other requests for recommendations including:

  • software recommendations: security related, for collaboration and scheduling fieldwork
  • international project partners in France, Germany, Norway and Portugal
  • note-takers and transcribers
  • panel suppliers for varied project needs
  • a DIY website creation platform
  • ways to record telephone interviews

As was true when I last did this summary, well over 100 members contributed to the egroup debate with, no doubt, many more replying privately. Again, demonstrating the open, generous, collaborative nature of the ICG.

This was best demonstrated by one particular post (abbreviated for this piece): I just wanted to share a recent ICG success story. We have just completed a big six-market project … We presented the debrief last week and it was met with great enthusiasm and praise from the client.

The best part about this is that we partnered with ICG members in all of those markets except one (but even they were a small independent agency). It was a pleasure to work with them and they all went the extra mile to make the project a success ­much more than you would get from using a large agency.

My thanks to those involved and to the ICG for being such a wonderful resource.”