Who is The Conscious Consumer?

03 Dec 2020 | Research & Business Knowledge

Recently ICG member Alex Clark was invited to show an insight film she has made about ’The Conscious Consumer’ at a climate action festival (opened by HRH Prince of Wales). The festival included speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds – from famers to retailers and everything in between. Alex, the founder of Telltale Research, is a qualitative researcher with a background in social anthropology and brand strategy and her film shares some of the findings from research she carried out amongst readers of Pebble magazine.

Alex’s website has a great infographic and further information and resources about the conscious consumer, as well as a link to the full report.  

Alex has also posted on the ICG’s website forum on climate change and sustainability (you have to be a logged in member to access the forums).

You can watch the video here, and access further information here.