Why I love Business to Business (B2B) qualitative research

05 Jul 2023 | Research & Business Knowledge

Article by ICG member Carol Raithatha, Carol Raithatha Ltd.

You all probably know what it’s like – Some projects are just more motivating than others. In other words, certain areas of research seem to dovetail more easily with what I enjoy.

So, I’ve been pondering why I like B2B qualitative research so much. Here are some thoughts on what makes it such a rewarding area to be involved in, IMHO at least.

B2B qualitative research is diverse, stimulating, and worth doing. It is:

· The opportunity to learn how organisations and sectors operate and fit into the wider context.
· Talking to competent individuals and hearing all about professional worlds I might never have even thought about.
· Getting into detail while being able to look at the bigger picture. Looking at both the individual bricks that make up the wall as well as the whole wall; both when standing in front of it, but also from up in space.
·A full timeline approach: How has the past informed what is happening in the present and what is likely to happen in the future.
· Often a chance to learn about other regions and countries and sometimes use a bit of language skills too.
· Finding that golden nugget that helps the client deliver a better experience and become more profitable. Almost always a win-win situation!
· Having some great conversations and asking lots of questions!

Getting out of bed for a B2B qualitative project is easy. It’s like having tuition on the real world from the experts and being paid for the pleasure.

If you are a researcher what are your experiences? Do you also enjoy B2B qualitative projects? Why?

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Carol Raithatha | LinkedIn