Why VoC research works!

07 Mar 2018 | Research & Business Knowledge

How do you establish shared, customer-centric motivation in your teams?  Jane Morgan tells us how.

Group IQ is the ability of teams to perform well.  Groups with high emotional intelligence outperform those with high cognitive abilities (Goleman). Harmonious groups try harder and pull together.  Shared motivation provides the ‘pull’ in the same direction.  So how do leaders establish shared, customer-centric teams?

One well established method is to undertake ‘voice of the customer‘ (VoC) research. So let’s hear from team members who have participated in a VoC research project: what benefits do they see.

Some Project Context

This team interviewed 70+ different individuals across 5 draft customer persona using a VoC discussion guide informed by secondary research.  Team members cycled on and off the interviewing panel based on their role alignment to the customer persona and other factors. These voices are taken from team participants in the final VoC analysis workshop and show how valuable the exercise was for them.

Jane also has additional resources For Teams-based Voice Of The Customer Research on her website.