Writing a technical report

19 Feb 2018 | Research & Business Knowledge

What should be included in a technical report?  Here we have an overview of the types of information, and some examples that you may wish to follow…


  • Introduction, including overview and objectives of the research (in brief) and glossary/nomencalture/ acronyms used in the report as well as who conducted the work.  Purpose of this report (i.e. a technical report) with relevant signpositng to related reports (i.e. the findings)
  • Questionnaire/ discussion guide design, development and piloting
  • Sampling design and proceedure – including the sample frame and design, quotas etc
  • Data collection – timetable, method employed, dates and deadlines
  • Response rates (where relevant)
  • data processing, editing and validation – including rounding and estimation protocols etc. and any other statisitcal techniques used (weighting, standard errors etc)
  • Strengths/ limitations of the survey
  • Report authors/ further information contact details
  • Appendices – often include copies of research materials, such as recruitment questionnaires, discussion guide/ questionnaires, stimulus

Examples of technical reports

Many thanks to Liz Montgomery for this research.