Year in the LIfe…

05 Feb 2018 | Research & Business Knowledge

Qualitative Street has been conducting a year long study with nine mums who identified themselves as ‘just about managing financially’. 

The study was very broad ranging – the idea was to understand what their life is like, with a particular focus on shopping, eating, and managing their day to day life.

There were not any stringent quotas on the project other than their willingness to participate for a year, to share their views with the other mums, and be tech friendly. 

They shared their thoughts on an online CMNTY forum and also journalled there.  They were set various tasks and challenges across the course of the year in order to see what methods did and didn’t work. 

The women have been interviewed extensively individually, face to face, doing store visits, on the phone and whatsapp has been used as a way for them to share photos and videos with us.   

The first report from the project focuses on the subject of 'emotions'…