Your First Online Community! Selling, planning and running a successful project.

01 Feb 2016 | Webinars

This webinar was kindly sponsored by YouthSight – Need young participants? With 140,000 members aged 16-30, YouthSight run the UK’s biggest youth research community and access panel

Online communities are becoming a fact of life in our research world. They offer the opportunity to engage with consumers in new and exciting ways, use a blend of research tools and generate media rich feedback and unique actionable insights.

This webinar was presented by Dan Stracey, Chief Inspiration Officer of Dub. Dan advises on best practice to help Dub’s clients get the most out of their communities. With former roles at C Space, InterQuest and TNS Research International, Dan has led communities for the likes of Sky, Asda, Elsevier and LinkedIn.

This webinar gives you all you need to know to set up, manage and run your first online community, including:

  • Factors to consider when costing a community
  • Planning and resourcing
  • Defining the client relationship
  • Finding the right community members
  • Creating a ‘story’ that everybody wants to be part of
  • Key pitfalls and how to avoid them