Accelerating your storytelling skills: How to transform research summaries into a captivating narrative

13 Jul 2020 | ICG News & Announcements, Research & Business Knowledge

This webinar was generously sponsored by Taurho Transcribes

This webinar was conducted by Insight Narrator, a specialist in helping insight professionals create evidence-based stories.


COURSE DETAILS AND DISCOUNT CODE: Mastering storytelling: The proven method for developing evidence-based stories

The difference between reports and presentations that stick and spread throughout the organisation and just another interesting piece of information that sits on the server has rarely anything to do with the quality of the insight itself, but the quality of how that insight is communicated.

That is why it is imperative as insight professionals that we build our capabilities in storytelling. 

Building effective stories that engage audiences, motivate decision makers, and mobilise action takers is possible – with the right roadmap, ways of working and blueprints.

Whether you are creating a monthly strategic update for the Board, designing a new dashboard for the operation from scratch, or proactively sharing key trends and insights from projects with stakeholders, or even pitching your project, you can master the tools to deliver great stories.

This course is led by Caroline Florence, founder of Insight Narrator, in partnership with Insight Platforms.

Drawing on 8 years of training hundreds of insight and data professionals to tell more persuasive stories.  Running over 3 live modules in September with sessions to suit all time-zones, this course will help anyone who wants to influence others with evidence. To find out more watch the video

DISCOUNT CODE: There is an early bird discount from Insight Platforms available until 24th July. Code: EARLYSTORY20.

We hope you make use of this great opportunity.