Award for Independent Consultants 2022: Finalist 4 of 4: Direct Dialogue

13 Oct 2022 | ICG Award, ICG News & Announcements

But first, tell me about your Dad – how Braided Research brought funerals into the 2020s


Few things are more important to get right than a funeral. Central Co-op Funeralcare realised that, like most brands in the category, their services had not kept pace with the attitudes and values of contemporary Britain. A collaborative team of expert independent consultants conducted a year-long programme of Braided Research – weaving together multi-method approaches to uncover core insights to guide the modernising of the organisation. This was achieved during the extraordinary pressures and uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic. The effects of this research have transformed the business, prompting a fundamental shift from ‘selling packages’ to becoming truly customer-centric. The insights have shaped everything from the strategic vision, through website design and communications, to staff training and even retail premises design. The brand is now more relevant to all, irrespective of beliefs, values, or culture and is now grounded in contemporary Britain rather than the Victorian era. Market share, numbers of funerals delivered, and average spend have all increased significantly.

“It’s not often in your career that you unlock an insight that changes people’s lives. The work David and the team did on Central Co-op Funerals not only impacted the business but, more importantly, changed the way bereaved families of all backgrounds and ethnicities are taken care of when they are at their most vulnerable and emotionally raw.”   Claire Vincent, Brightwhite Marketing (client) “It was a phenomenal piece of insight which changed the direction of the business”    Juliet Oosthuysen, Brand Director (client) “The return on our research investment has been extraordinary. We’ve gained so much knowledge on our clients, both present and future, from a team of senior independent specialists at a very reasonable cost, which has allowed us to reposition our business in the marketplace. Since starting to develop our brand with the insights gained, we’ve increased our market share, increased the number of funerals we deliver, and increased the average spend – all driven by making sure we create bespoke, personal funerals for each family. This is a project which will keep seeing ROI long into the future. “   Alex Merrikin, Brand Business Partner – Funerals (client)

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