Data Protection Regulation – major changes are coming and they will affect you!

Posted on 2 March 2017

This webinar was kindly sponsored by FieldAgent - using crowdsourcing and mobile apps to deliver real-time customer insight In September 2015 we presented a webinar explaining how important it was...


Life by PowerPoint – A Masterclass

Posted on 7 December 2016

This webinar was kindly sponsored by Datapogo - Fast, affordable, accurate survey reporting PowerPoint is the mainstay presentation tool for business, it's been around forever and continuing upgrades have meant...


Customer Journey Mapping – A Beginners Guide

Posted on 21 October 2016

This webinar was kindly sponsored by Indeemo - the in-the-moment, mobile qual and ethnography platform that delivers richer insights, faster. As consumers, most of us are highly attuned in our...


Finding Insight in the Noise

Posted on 27 September 2016

This webinar was kindly sponsored by Holborn Focus, the ideal location for qualitative research in Central London. As an emerging market research method, social media intelligence has many unique challenges and nuances for...


Social Media Intelligence – Finding Insight In the Noise

Posted on 22 September 2016

Jillian Ney, the UK’s first Doctor of Social Media introduces her approach to analysing social media conversations. https://youtu.be/OWLKsxfDQ_Q


Make a positive difference to you and your business

Posted on 14 September 2016

This webinar was kindly sponsored by Focus Groups MENA, helping you recruit the right people across the Middle East and North Africa. Would you like to understand and overcome your...


Behavioural Recruitment – The Future of Research?

Posted on 17 August 2016

If you’re concerned about how to tackle the challenge of repeat respondents and professional participants taking part in your research studies then this webinar will interest you. ICG member Tom...


My Big Fat Virtual Indian Marriage Market – A Study in Semiotics

Posted on 3 August 2016

This webinar was kindly sponsored by Appletree Marketing, who specialise in helping independent consultants to grow their businesses, by showing them how to stop wasting money on their marketing.  The...


ICG Webinar – LinkedIn

Posted on 11 July 2016

This webinar was kindly sponsored by Saros Research, your perfect recruitment partner Much debate still surrounds LinkedIn and whether it serves as a viable way to build a business. Many see it...


Stop Wasting Money on Your Marketing!

Posted on 16 June 2016

This webinar was kindly sponsored by Summit Studios, offering you Viewing Facilities, Meeting Rooms and Fieldwork Services Thousands of new consultancy businesses are started up every year in the UK;...


CSI: Behavioural Economics

Posted on 4 April 2016

This webinar was sponsored by So What Research, the suburban studio that's just 16 minutes from London Waterloo In this webinar, we are taking our lead from the field of...



Posted on 28 March 2016

This Webinar was kindly sponsored by Toluna, a leading digital insights company that helps companies anywhere in the world make clearer business decisions. NLP – neuro linguistic programming - is...